Board of Directors

Diabetes Hope Foundation is governed by an able group of volunteers with expertise in education, financial management, law, medicine and social innovation. The current Board of Directors includes the following members:

  Barbara Pasternak, Founder & Chair
  Vice President, Fluid Hose & Coupling
Peter Atkins, Vice Chair
Acting Captain, Toronto Fire Services
  Joseph Falconeri, Secretary
  Partner, Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP
Edward Henley, Treasurer
Director of Finance, Clearview Township
  Joan Canavan
  Market Access Director, LifeScan Canada
Matthew Dunnet
Associate, Dentons-Canada
  Bob Edwards
  Director of Retail and Food Services,
  Humber River Hospital
Dr. Robert Ehrlich
Pediatric Endocrinologist
  Jeremy Freedman
  President & Chief Executive Officer,
  Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
Joe Pasternak
President, Fluid Hose & Coupling
  Paul Ryce
  Linked Innovative Solutions
Dr. Angelo Simone
Paediatric Endocrinologist,
Trillium Health Centre
  Ted J. Supelov
  Owner, Teamwork Management
Dr. Julio Szmuilowicz
Ontario Scholarship Advisory Board 2017
 Jade Allen    Meg Archibald
 Peter Atkins    Jeremy Brace
 Amanda Coschi    Sean Donnelly
 Sharon Fraser    Karen Higginson
 Alanna Landry    Cesar Leon
 Elaine Lester    Matthew Pacchione
 Barbara Pasternak    Riona Petticrew
 Ruth Pichora    Jennifer Spearen
 Dr. Julio Szmuilowicz, Chair    Maria Voutsinas
Scholarship Alumni Committee 2017
 Matthew Dunnet, Chair    Jade Allen, Vice Chair
 Janet Babula    Heidi Dixon
 Rovina Girn    Kristin Herriott
 Omar Kanny    Luc Lanteigne
 Matthew Pacchione    Izabela Smolik
 Mark Yacoub