Scholarship Alumni Mentorship Program

Alumni Mentorship Program

In 2011, the Scholarship Program was expanded to include an Alumni Mentorship Program to provide new scholarship recipients with additional peer academic and social support as they transitioned to post-secondary education and adult diabetes care. Since the program was piloted, the foundation has been successful in recruiting 135 Alumni Volunteer Mentors across the country to match 140 new scholarship recipients.

The Mentorship Program acts as a safety net to support youth during their transition to fill in the gaps and missing links during their move away from home, their primary caregivers, and pediatric healthcare. Through peer role-modeling, mentoring, and peer-to-peer interactions, Mentors aim to inspire young adults with diabetes to achieve better long-term health outcomes.

Objectives of the Mentorship Program
Over the course of the 8-month academic year, transitioning students are paired with an Alumni Volunteer Mentor to:

  • Give DHF’s alumni an opportunity to ‘Pay it Forward’ by sharing their
    knowledge and experiences with at-risk and transitioning youth;
  • Develop leadership skills through participation in the foundation’s transition programs and annual alumni events;
  • Provide a continuum of peer education and social support for first year
    college/university students during their transition; and
  • Support them with resources that would help them better manage their diabetes while they are away at school.

To find out more about how you can be paired with a mentor or sign up to become a mentor, email