Transition Resource Guide

In the summer of 2013, over 320 scholarship alumni were invited to participate in a brief online questionnaire developed by the Alumni Committee, in an attempt to document their collective transition experiences to post-secondary education. The responses from the questionnaires were integrated into the development of a Transition Resource Guide that was piloted in 2014 through the delivery of Transition workshops held in Markham, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, London and Windsor in partnership with a select group of pediatric diabetes healthcare centers across Ontario.

The first edition of the guide featured fact sheets from 34 Canadian colleges and universities across 5 provinces in Canada. The schools that were selected to be profiled were based on the responses from our own alumni; and the guide was organized by colleges/universities, including tips and insights from our alumni to assist high school students with diabetes in their transition
into post-secondary education.

Since the first edition, the guide has been expanded into a two-part series including fact sheets for 192 accredited colleges and universities across Canada. The two-part series of resources includes an Ontario Edition (63 colleges/universities), and a larger Canadian Edition (192 colleges/universities) that provides a profile and review of diabetes supports across all post-secondary institutions in Canada.

Transition Resource Guide Highlights
The newest edition of our Transition Guide currently features the following:

    Portrait of diabetes support programs across all accedited Canadian colleges and universities;
    Review of government legislation protecting the rights and benefits of students with diabetes
        across Canada (10 provinces);
    Summary of the responses from the online questionnaire developed and sent out to over 300
        alumni to document our own alumni‚Äôs transition experience;
    Individual fact sheets for 192 Canadian colleges and universities; and
    Over 360+ tips for transition to college and university.