How to Apply

DHF Scholarship Program

Since 1999, Diabetes Hope Foundation has invested over $3 million in education grants to support students living with diabetes across Canada. The Diabetes Hope Scholarship Program was established to recognize youth in the community who have excelled in their academic achievements; demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and volunteerism in the community; and possess exemplary diabetes self- management practices.

This year, with generous support from our donors, Diabetes Hope Foundation’s Scholarship Program awarded 39 new scholarships to secondary students from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. In 2023, our 25th Anniversary, we will be extending this Program to all provinces (excluding Quebec). See below for important dates and requirements for submitting an application for the program.

SAVE THE DATE! 2023 Scholarship Deadline

March 6th 2023, 11:59 pm PST


The application for Diabetes Hope Foundation’s scholarship program is ONLY available as an online application to be completed on the foundation’s website. All application submissions must be completed online as instructed below:

Our 2023 Scholarship Program Guidelines are now available to download and review!  Please review our guidelines carefully before starting your application:

A) Ontario Scholarship Guidelines – CLICK HERE to download guidelines.

B) Canadian Program Scholarship Guidelines – for students applying from outside Ontario, CLICK HERE to download guidelines

If you meet the scholarship eligibility requirements, download our a copy of our 2022-2023 Scholarship Application Questions and go to “Step 2” to begin your application.

Go to to set up an applicant account to complete your scholarship application. You will have the option to register through your Facebook, Google or Twitter account, or set up a new account directly through Survey Monkey. Once you have successfully logged in, fill out the eligibility form and save it to your profile, then click on ‘Apply’ to begin the scholarship application submission process.

Collection of Data and Privacy Policy: 

Diabetes Hope Foundation is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us through our Scholarship Program.  We manage your personal information in accordance with Ontario’s Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws.  Your personal information includes your contact information, social security number, academic transcripts, diabetes related health records and personal identification documents.

For the purposes of administering the Scholarship Program, we collect only the information we need to contact successful recipients, complete the disbursement of scholarship funds, and send out associated program information to applicants.  Diabetes Hope Foundation does not collect, use, or disclose any personal information for the use of commercial activities.

We ask for consent to collect the applicant’s personal contact information, academic transcripts and healthcare information.  All healthcare and application information collected through our Scholarship Program is deleted from our records after the selection of our Scholarship Winners.

We only retain the personal contact information and applicant images of our scholarship winners. If you are successful in receiving a scholarship, your name, geographic location (city, province) and photo will be publicly disclosed and used on our website and promotional materials for the purpose of promoting the Scholarship Program.  We will retain this information only as long as it is reasonable for us to deliver our programs and services.

If you would like to receive copies of the personal information collected through our Scholarship Program, you may request for access to your personal information by writing to us via email at

The following tasks have to be completed through the online portal to complete your scholarship submission (please note that these steps do not have to be completed in sequence and you can edit/make changes to your application until the application closes):

✔ Applicant Information Form – complete this form to provide us with your contact information, school/career interests and current diabetes care information. Once you have completed this form, click submit to complete this task.

✔ Scholarship Application Form – it is recommended that you prepare your application form ahead of time with the Fillable Word File available on the DHF website before you complete the online form. Once you have completed the application online, click submit to complete this task.

✔ Letters of Reference – your application needs to be endorsed by two letters of reference to complete your submission. To complete this step, click on each task in the online portal and click on the “Get a Recommendation” button to request for a referral from your endorser.

a) Letter of Recommendation, Physician/Diabetes Educator – this form can be completed online by the diabetes educator, social worker or endocrinologist from your diabetes clinic.

b) Letter of Recommendation, Mentor – your mentor will need to complete the online form and upload a letter of reference to the online system. Your choice of mentor is a really important part of the committee’s decision, please think very carefully about who you choose. They should be aware of your involvements and be able to write about them in detail. The mentor’s reference letter can be completed by an employer, supervisor, teacher, coach or community leader.

Your recommenders will receive an email invitation with a link to complete the online recommendation process. Once complete, you will receive an email from the online system to confirm that the letters of reference have been completed. Mark this step as complete in the online portal to check off these tasks.

✔ Secondary School Transcript – Upload official school transcript (with watermark) including your grades from Gr.9 up to your current year records (February 2022) and mark the task Complete when you have successfully uploaded your file.

✔ Recent Photograph – Upload a recent photograph (head & shoulders only with plain background – colour school picture preferred; if school picture is unavailable a photo with appropriate dress – collared shirt with jacket or sweater to be included in the application package. Your photo resolution needs to be at least 1024 x 768) and mark the task Complete when you have successfully uploaded your file.

✔ Photo Identification Card – Upload a photo identity document that will confirm your proof of residency in one of the eligible provinces and your birth date (e.g. provincial driver’s license, health or identity card) and mark the tasks Complete when you have successfully uploaded your file.

Submitting Your Application
When all of the tasks in the application portal have been marked as “Complete”, you will be eligible to submit your application. Once you submit your application, an email will be sent to the email address provided in the application to confirm that you have successfully completed all application requirements

For more information about our scholarship program, please email

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Winners!