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T1D Mentorship Program

HOPE Connects

We want you to succeed and thrive in your transition to college or university, and the  HOPE Connects Program has been created to help you do that.  Through transition events and 1-on-1 mentoring, the program acts as a safety net to support youth during their transition to fill in the gaps and missing links during their move away from home, their primary caregivers, and pediatric healthcare.

HOPE Connects matches post-secondary students with a knowledgeable upper-year mentor from Diabetes Hope Foundation’s alumni network of 686 type 1 youths living across Canada.   Students can register for a mentor at any point during the academic year and the program is offered at no cost to secondary and post-secondary students.

Who is Eligible?
HOPE Connects is designed to provide academic and peer social support for post-secondary students living with type 1 and 2 diabetes. Students can register and be matched with a mentor before, during or after your transition to college/university and adult diabetes care (ages 17 to 21).

How will I be Matched?
You will be paired with an upper year type 1 student who is in a similar academic program and/or living in your area to match you with the skills needed to help you during your transition period. To register for a mentor, just fill out our online application and you will be matched virtually through our Youth Programs Coordinator.

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HOPE Connects Program

HOPE Connects

Benefits of Having a Mentor!

Having a mentor is a great way to become connected to other young adults living with diabetes just like you.  Together, you can focus on your academic success, personal growth and gain support during your transition to adult diabetes care.

HOPE Connects can help you:

  • Develop skills to succeed academically, including time management, note taking, study skills and dealing with stress
  • Learn to balance the demands of your diabetes, social life and academic demands of college/university
  • Develop strategies to eat healthy, stay physically and mentally healthy
  • Meet other young adults living with diabetes in your area
  • Connect with other transition resources offered through Diabetes Hope Foundation’s programs and alumni events

We are currently matching post-secondary students with mentors attending the following schools – Brock University, College of Sports Media, McMaster University, Queen’s University, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, University of British Columbia, University of Guelph, University of Ottawa and University of Toronto.

Please note that the program virtually matches youth with mentors by subject or college/university. Our program is not limited to students that are attending these schools.  To sign up to be matched with a mentor, click the button below to register through our HOPE Connects Program for a mentor:

To find out more about how you sign up to become a mentor, email