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Online Transition Guide Now Available!

In the fall of 2022, we celebrated Diabetes Awareness Month with the launch of our NEW Online Transition Guide for teens and young adults living with diabetes! The guide was developed by type 1 youth for secondary students preparing to transition to adult diabetes care and post-secondary studies.

Designed for busy students on the go, DHF’s Online Transition Guide features a searchable database on the home page for students to find their closest diabetes education centre, endocrinologist, campus supports for students with diabetes, and accessibility benefits available at school. This year, we have also added quick online links to access mental health support services, health and dental plans available at their choice of college or university, and exam accommodations available through accessibility services. Our goal is to help type 1 teens make more informed choices about where to go next year based on the resources available at college and university campuses across the country.

Our online guide has been optimized for mobile viewing, including tablets and mobile devices. Visit www.dhftransition to access our online transition guide.  There is also a full print companion ‘Guide for Successful Transition to College & University‘ available to download for free.

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DHF Online Transition Guide

Our online guide features the following:

Alumni Insights
This summer, a new Transition Questionnaire was developed and sent out to our DHF alumni from 2010 to 2021 to document the experiences and needs of young adults living with diabetes.  Over 100 questionnaires were completed by a cross-section of alumni from across Canada.  The responses have been consolidated and categorized into the following tabs on our Online Transition Guide to provide youth with important tips for transition – Campus life, Exams, Food, Health, Housing, Remote Learning, Supplies, Supports, Tech, Travel and Other Tips.

Search by School or City
193 college and university school sheets from our print/digital transition guide have been uploaded into a searchable database to increase access to our transition guide content. Students can now access their school information at the tip of their hands on the home screen. Whether you are researching diabetes supports at your top school choices or need to find out more about the supports and benefits available at your current school, you can now quickly find the information in minutes.

New School Content
Our Online Transition Guide school pages feature the same information as our print/digital transition guide with clickable phone and online links to quickly direct students to the relevant school pages. In addition, each school page includes a summary of the school’s accessibility services, mental health supports, exam accommodations, university health and dental benefits, and additional diabetes or social supports. The school page will also direct you to the closest diabetes program and endocrinologist to support students in their transition to adult diabetes care.

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