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Transition Resource Guide

Recommended by the Ministry of Health’s Ontario Pediatric Diabetes Network, our “Guide for the Successful Transition to College & University” provides secondary students with information about their rights/benefits as well as accessibility options as a student with diabetes. The guide assists students in finding the closest diabetes and accessibility programs and includes tips/insights from the foundation’s own alumni to assist them in their transition to post-secondary education and adult diabetes care. A total of 190+ accredited Canadian colleges and universities were reviewed and published in one single comprehensive 300 page guide.


In 2022, with generous support from our community donors and sponsors, a new Online Transition Guide was developed as a companion tool to complement the content available in the print edition of our Transition Guide. The guide features interactive alumni insights and a searchable database that will enable students to search for transition information by city, college and diabetes supports. The Online Transition Guide and printed guide have been developed to support transitioning teens in making informed decisions about their college/university choices and current students who have recently transitioned to post-secondary education.

DHF Alumni Recipe Guide


Diabetes Hope Foundation recently launched a Transition in the Kitchen Recipe Guide that features quick, easy, delicious, healthy, and diabetes-friendly recipes that can be adapted for special and restrictive diets.

Recognizing the need for providing a tool for students to take charge of their nutritional needs and requirements, Diabetes Hope Foundation, along with their alumni spearheaded a supplementary guide to accompany our “Guide for Successful Transition to College and Universities” to provide youth in transition with easy, healthy recipes and tips for managing their diet and diabetes while living away from home and on campus.



Meet our Type 1 diabetes mentors and receive tips and strategies from our guest speakers and healthcare experts on our Transition Wellness Webinars. These webinars provide resources for transitioning youth, parents/caregivers and clinicians.
Transition Resource Library


Our Wellness Webinar series provides a number of resources catering to different aspects of health and wellness for youth living with Type 1 diabetes. These specialized resources compiled from our webinar series focus on mental health, transition, exercise, nutrition and more. With such a broad range of resources available, they are an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness through transition and beyond.
Parents Speaking to Parents


“Let’s Talk About It” FREE webinars offer emotional support and practical tips from diabetes clinicians and fellow parents who are coping with youth living with type 1 diabetes. Parents can connect with other parents of youth with diabetes, share their stories and struggles, and talk about mental health stresses in the family unit.

It always helps to know that you’re not alone and that someone else “gets it”. DHF’s new webinars are designed to bring parents together to talk about their own struggles of dealing with the challenges of this disease, and provides support to alleviate their fears and anxieties through casual interaction and conversation with other parents. An introduction to the Foundation’s programs and resources for today’s youth with T1D is also discussed.

Type 1 Diabetes Children's Diabetes Book


Support our Nothing Can Stop Me! campaign with the purchase of our Type 1 diabetes children’s book. Funds raised from our book will be used to support young athletes living with diabetes to encourage them to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams.


Matt is a boy diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just days before a championship hockey game. During his stay at the hospital, he learns how to live with the disease, but will the doctor let him go in time for the big game? And will he ever be able to play hockey again?...