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Diabetes Hope Foundation

Who We Are

Diabetes Hope Foundation is dedicated to empower and support youth with diabetes as they transition from high school to post-secondary education and beyond. DHF provides resources, education, and opportunities to ensure youth thrive in every aspect of their lives. Recognizing how important a successful transition is for youth living with T1D, we have worked with diabetes health care practitioners across Canada to develop programs that encourage continued and successful diabetes management during a time of change and uncertainty.

While technological advancements have made diabetes management much easier, the mental toll of living with a chronic illness persists. In response, Diabetes Hope Foundation offers free resources and programs aimed at supporting the mental health of Canadian youth with T1D during their transition.

What We Do

Transition Programs and Resources

Scholarship Program

DHF is launching a new and improved scholarship application process to support students with T1D!  Check back soon for updated guidelines and 2024 application information and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

HOPE Connects Program

The HOPE Connects Program supports students as they balance their T1D during their transition to post-secondary school. With our new funding from AMDF, we expanded our program to connect with students in the way that works best for them. Learn more >

NEW! Online Transition Guide

New in 2023! Our Online Transition Guide provides transition information for students on the go! No download required. Simply visit www.dhftransitionguide.com.

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