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This program highlights the personal triumphs of young adults who face the many responsibilities associated with diabetes management significantly enriching their lives through community and extra-curricular activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Recognizing the impact T1D has on students’ mental health and well-being, DHF created the Hope Connects Program to support students as they balance their T1D during their transition to post-secondary school.


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PEP TALKS: Parents Empowering Parents workshops give parents and caregivers of adolescents with T1D the opportunity to find a community of voices to collaborate with as they prepare for their child’s transition to post-secondary education and from pediatric to adult diabetes care.


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DHF’s Transition Guide features a searchable database for students with T1D to find their closest on and off campus diabetes supports, accommodations and more. Make more informed choices about where to go next year based on the resources available at college and university campuses across the country.LEARN MOREACCESS THE GUIDE

Transition Resources, Transition Webinars, Diabetes Transition, Diabetes Resources, Type 1 Diabetes Resources, T1D Resources


The specialized resources compiled from our webinar series focus on mental health, transition, exercise, nutrition and more. With such a broad range of resources available, they are an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness through transition and beyond.

Transition Resources, Transition Webinars, Diabetes Transition, Diabetes Resources, Type 1 Diabetes Resources, T1D Resources, T!D Resource Hub


Diabetes Hope Foundation has compiled a variety of important and helpful tools and resources for youth, their families and caregivers, and diabetes educators to support a healthy and successful transition to post-secondary. Our Hub contains many links and downloadable resources – all free to use!


HOPE Connects

HOPE Connects Peer Support Program


Recognizing the impact T1D has on students’ mental health and well-being, DHF created the Hope Connects Program to support students as they balance their T1D during their transition to post-secondary school. In 2023, we have been able to expand our program so students can access information and support through a variety of forums. The program also offers valuable leadership opportunities for DHF Alumni volunteers.

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In 2022, our peer mentorship program expanded, and is now offered to all Grade 12, first- and second-year students living with T1D across Canada. With over 50 active peer mentors, students can connect one on one with someone who ‘gets it’ and who will encourage and inspire them to achieve both their academic goals and better long-term health outcomes. All of our mentors complete six hours of training, and receive ongoing support from both our Program Director and our Senior Mentors.


Art & Improv Program for Youth with T1D

Diabetes is weird. It may be taught like a math problem, but some days, it feels like 2+2 never equals 4. Free to Be is a new DHF program designed to explore this human side of type 1 diabetes (T1D), focusing on navigating the highs and lows (pun intended!) that are a part of living with T1D.

Free to Be combines elements of visual and dramatic arts, inviting participants to embrace the chaos of life with T1D. Open to students in secondary school from across the GTA, youth will have the opportunity to connect with fellow T1Ds (including their two artistic facilitators!) and explore day to day life with diabetes. They’ll customize and decorate their own character masks, and through combining both improv and classical theatre techniques, will develop scenes focused on expressing the complexities of diabetes. The program will culminate in a collective performance showcase for family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Join us as we explore beyond the numbers to create a space to connect, create and educate!

The Spring 2024 Free to Be session will be held at the Shakespeare In Action Studios @ Weston Commons on Saturdays from 2 – 4 PM, running April 6th through May 11th with a Showcase Performance the week of May 12th. For more details, or to register, click on the links below. **If you are registering more than one youth, please fill out a form for EACH participant. Please reach out to if you have any questions!

Free to Be, Diabetes Art program, T1D art program, T1D Drama program, type 1 diabetes drama program
Peer Support Program, T1D Drop-Ins, Drop-Ins


In 2023 we launched our monthly virtual drop-ins, providing students across Ontario with a safe space to talk about their experiences of managing T1D as post-students.


In the fall of 2003, DHF launched an online support forum for all post-secondary students living with T1D. ‘T1D Campus Connect’ is accessible through both our website and on Discord, offering students a venue to talk about their challenges and successes around diabetes management at school.
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In 2022, DHF staff and alumni worked to build partnerships with campus Diabetes Clubs across Ontario. We are currently collaborating with eight diabetes clubs, focused on increasing awareness and knowledge about T1D and supporting students on their campuses. Through multiple virtual workshops hosted during the school year, these collaborations have focused on discussing the impact T1D has on students’ mental health, as well as the value of social and emotional support. In 2023, we worked with students at Queens University and University of Guelph to help them launch their own Diabetes Clubs and look forward to supporting others who are interested in building a community of support on campus for students with T1D. For more information, contact

Hope Connects, Peer Mentorship Program, diabetes mentorship

The HOPE Connects program is generously funded by:

Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation