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Diabetes Hope Scholarship


Diabetes Hope Scholarship Program is a combined merit and needs based scholarship that celebrates the resiliency of youth with type 1 diabetes. The Scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit excellence in balancing the many responsibilities associated with diabetes management while also overcoming personal challenges, maintaining strong academic standing, enriching their lives through community involvement and extra-curricular activities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Over the last 25 years, Diabetes Hope Foundation has been successful in engaging more youth from across the country through the expansion and growth of the Scholarship Program across Canada. The 2023 Scholarship Program marked a record year for DHF, with 146 completed applications from across Canada. With the generous support of our donors and community partners, 48 scholarships were awarded to exemplary students nation-wide. To date, 900 scholarships have been awarded to support students with diabetes from across Canada.

In order to provide additional supports through the transition years, all scholarship winners are guaranteed a peer mentor through our HOPE Connects Peer Support Program and each year, many pay it forward by volunteering as peer mentors, committee members and speakers at DHF events.

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25th Anniversary Hybrid Scholarship Event | View our 2023 Scholarship Recipients >

Diabetes Hope Scholarship Information Session: Learn more about the Diabetes HOPE Scholarship program and what goes into crafting a strong application.

Scholarship Application Process


2024 Scholarship Applications are now closed for submission and no more applications or reference letters will be received at this time. We would like to thank everyone who applied and we will be notifiying applicants in mid-April of the results.

* Submission of an application does not guarantee the receipt of a scholarship, and all decisions regarding the awarding of scholarships are final.

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Facts About Our Alumni


Completed post-graduate degrees after they completed their undergraduate studies.

The number of global post-secondary institutions DHF alumni have attended.

The number of post-secondary institutions DHF alumni have attended globally.

The number of cities our Alumni currently live in, across 14 different countries.

The number of cities in Canada where our Alumni live, including 10 provinces and 1 Territory.

Vounteer hours our Alumni 'Pay it Forward' each year to support DHF programs & services.

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Scholarship recipients from 1999 onward share their personal diabetes stories & tips. Where are they now? Find out in our Alumni Anniversary Book! Free download >

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If it were not for the Diabetes Hope Scholarship I would not have had the experience of living away rom home. Not only did it help to finance that journey but it also gave me the confidence as a diabetic to go out on my own and have full control of every aspect of my life.

Marianne, 2004 Scholarship Recipient

The DHF scholarship supported has opened so many doors for me and has been such a tremendous boost of confidence for me. Your support has been an integral part of my success to date and has helped me to lead such a full and exciting life. I cannot thank you enough for having given me this opportunity. It is something I will treasure for my lifetime. Living with diabetes is a constant challenge but it has afforded me unique opportunities. I recognize that there are many people involved who dedicate their time and efforts to the scholarship program and the support has made a huge difference in my life and continues to do so for many other youth and their families who live with diabetes. I will never forget DHF.

Jody, 2007 Scholarship Recipient

Thank you so much for your generosity in awarding me with this scholarship. You have welcomed me into the DHF family, providing me with a support system for the rest of my life. You have shown me how to be a leader and I plan on giving back and contributing to the foundation. Most importantly, you have introduced me to many other diabetics that are sharing many of my experiences.

Naomi, 2009 Scholarship Recipient

I would like to sincerely Thank You for your assistance – given in a time of need, and for the meaningful value this has brought to my life. The scholarship has helped to make a difference in developing my individualism as a diabetic, as I was transitioning into adulthood. Having been chosen as one of the many who have applied for the scholarship, has helped me expand my knowledge and skills in college. The first step in the career of my dreams was the most important, and it will never be forgotten. Thank you Diabetes Hope Foundation for making a significant change in my life!

Nikolinka, 2014 Scholarship Recipient

I truly appreciate all the work you’ve done to make Diabetes Hope Foundation an amazing organization that supports thousands of lives, including mine. This scholarship helped me in many ways and not just financially. I feel like I became apart of this loving, caring family. I hope to help grow this organization whether it would be by volunteering or supporting future scholarship winners who are also living with the challenges of having diabetes.

Omar, 2015 Scholarship Recipient

What I love about being a DHF Alumni is that there is so much diversity from where we are all from, who we are, what we study, and yet, diabetes unites us. I feel like I have found “my people” at DHF.

Aastha, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

I want to recognize the work that DHF has done for hundreds of othe people living with diabetes. As I went through the scholarship appplication process, I learned a lot about what DHF offers, including the transition resources and mentorship program. It is the selfless work like this that makes living with diabetes easier, and your impact on the community is immense. I am excited to see how DHF grows in the future, and hope that I can one day make an
impact on the world as you have done.

Shams, 2023 Scholarship Recipient