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This program highlights the personal triumphs of young adults who face the many responsibilities associated with diabetes management significantly enriching their lives through community and extra-curricular activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Recognizing the impact T1D has on students’ mental health and well-being, DHF created the Hope Connects Program to support students as they balance their T1D during their transition to post-secondary school.


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PEP TALKS: Parents Empowering Parents workshops give parents and caregivers of adolescents with T1D the opportunity to find a community of voices to collaborate with as they prepare for their child’s transition to post-secondary education and from pediatric to adult diabetes care.


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DHF’s Transition Guide features a searchable database for students with T1D to find their closest on and off campus diabetes supports, accommodations and more. Make more informed choices about where to go next year based on the resources available at college and university campuses across the country.LEARN MOREACCESS THE GUIDE

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The specialized resources compiled from our webinar series focus on mental health, transition, exercise, nutrition and more. With such a broad range of resources available, they are an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness through transition and beyond.

Transition Resources, Transition Webinars, Diabetes Transition, Diabetes Resources, Type 1 Diabetes Resources, T1D Resources, T!D Resource Hub


Diabetes Hope Foundation has compiled a variety of important and helpful tools and resources for youth, their families and caregivers, and diabetes educators to support a healthy and successful transition to post-secondary. Our Hub contains many links and downloadable resources – all free to use!


About Us

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Diabetes Hope Foundation (DHF) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded by CEO Barbara Pasternak, in 1999 after two of her sons were diagnosed with diabetes. The foundation’s mission is to provide education and resources to help youth with diabetes transition to a healthier tomorrow.

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Our Vision

To be a leader in supporting youth with T1D and their supporters in Canada through transition and beyond.

About DHF, About Us

Our Mission

We empower youth with T1D and their supporters by providing financial, social, emotional, and informational support to transition to a healthier tomorrow.

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Transition Resources for Canadian Youth with T1D

Diabetes Hope Foundation is dedicated to empower and support youth with diabetes as they transition from high school to post-secondary education and beyond. DHF provides resources, education, and opportunities to ensure youth thrive in every aspect of their lives. Recognizing how important a successful transition is for youth living with T1D, we have worked with diabetes health care practitioners across Canada to develop programs that encourage continued and successful diabetes management during a time of change and uncertainty.

While technological advancements have made diabetes management much easier, the mental toll of living with a chronic illness persists. In response, Diabetes Hope Foundation offers free resources and programs aimed at supporting the mental health of Canadian youth with T1D during their transition.

Support from our community partners, corporate sponsors, and families is critical to our ability to expand our services and respond to emerging community needs. Your support strengthens the development of youth-led programming to empower youth to thrive beyond the clinic, classroom and diabetes.

Over the last year DHF has provided hope to youth living with T1D through…

Scholarships Awarded Across Canada

Connected through Peer Mentorship Program

Youth Reached via Virtual Workshops & Diabetes Club Collabs

Meet Our Founder and CEO

“The strength and success of our Foundation comes from its people… together we share a vision and together we are making a difference. Thank you for helping us help our kids.”

Barbara Pasternak, M.S.M.

Founder & CEO, Diabetes Hope Foundation

Barbara Pasternak, Founder and CEO,<br />
Diabetes Hope Foundation Founder

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of the DHF team live with or have family who live with type 1 diabetes.