Transition Webinars

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Transition Webinars


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Diabetes Hope Foundation developed a Wellness Webinar series focused on the health and wellness of transitioning youth with type 1 diabetes. The webinars provided invaluable information and resources for youth with T1D, their families and their caregivers. After an overwhelming response to our Wellness Webinar series, DHF launched our Campus Diabetes Club conference webinars (‘Don’t Sugat Coat it’ and ‘Pump the Love’) as well as our ‘Get Transition Ready’ webinars. In order to provide accurate information that youth and their families need, all of our webinars feature youth experts living with T1D and professionals working in the fields of health care and post-secondary school. Covering a broad range of topics, DHF’s Transition Webinars are an invaluable resource for anyone seeking information and guidance on maintaining their overall health and wellness during transition and beyond.

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Get Ready to Transition!

Transitioning to Post Secondary School with T1D

DHF program facilitators discuss the following topics for Canadian youth living with Type 1 diabetes transitioning to university or college: Campus Foods, Academic Accommodations, Student Health Insurance, Dorm Room Set-Up, Campus Supports, Going Out with T1D and DHF Programs & Resources.

Thank you to our program sponsors: Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation, in partnership with: Dexcom Canada, Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc., Novo Nordisk, Marlene Perkins Memorial Fund, Sigulim Family Fund

Get Transition Ready Part 1: Campus resources & tips on managing classes, exams and campus life!

Get Transition Ready Part 2: How to advocate for your needs when going out with friends

Get Transition Ready Part 3: Health insurance plans at Canadian colleges and universities

Get Transition Ready Part 4: Meal planning with Marsha Feldt, RD. Tips on food options & accommodations on campus

Transition 101- Part 1: Clinicians & Parents

Transition 101-Part 2: Alumni Insights on Diabetes Management Through Transition

Transition 101-Part 3: Mastering Life Beyond High School

Campus Diabetes Club Webinars/Events

Don’t Sugar Coat It 2022 (Part 1 – University Clubs) University Clubs discuss resources they provide for students living with diabetes.
Don’t Sugar Coat It 2022 (Part 2 – Panelist Discussion) DHF Alumni panelists share their experiences & answer questions.

Don’t Sugar Coat It! 2021 – First Annual Social Event for Diabetes Clubs in Ontario Universities

Pump the Love 1.0: The importance of social and emotional support in diabetes management

Pump the Love 2.0: Understanding Type 1 Diabetes Stigma and Its Impact

Diabetes Management

“Let’s Talk Type 1 Diabetes Management” with Dr. Michael Vallis, PhD. R. Psych. Sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care.

Dr. Vallis is a registered health psychologist based in Halifax, Canada. he is a Health Behaviour change Consultant and Associate Professor in Family Medicine at Dalhousie University. His main area of expertise is adult health psychology, with an emphasis on obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular risk and gastroenterology. He spends most of his time training healthcare providers in behaviour change for chronic disease management and was recently awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Government of Canada.

“Let’s talk all things exercise, food, sleep, and stress”, with Harley Pasternak
“Age of Virtual Care”, with Clinicians & Social Workers
“Navigating Support Through Transition ~ Clinician Style”

Transition Wellness

Social Workers discuss “Diabetes Management & Mental Health”

Parents & Caregivers

Families Supporting Transitioning T1D Youth (through Covid & beyond)