Our Donors

Our Donors


The Diabetes Hope Foundation is committed to empowering and supporting young people with diabetes, ensuring that they have the resources, education, and opportunities to thrive in every aspect of their lives. The contributions from the community have enabled us to provide scholarships, peer mentorship programs, and education initiatives that have had a profound impact on the lives of those we serve. Recognizing that mental health and wellbeing are an important part of good diabetes management, we are excited to be able to continue building on the work we have done, creating sustainable programs and resources to support our youth.

Our Sponsors
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Community &
Family Donors

  • Senator Norman K. Atkins Memorial
  • Bulldogs Friends & Family Fund
  • Canavan Family
  • DHF Alumni Legacy
  • Jeremy and Judith Freedman Family Foundation
  • Gerson & Hubley Family
  • Laura Eileen Higginson Memorial
  • Pasternak Family Fund
  • Marlene Perkins Memorial
  • Sigulim Family
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Corporate Donors

Corporate Donors
25th anniversary celebration, Diabetes Hope Foundation 25th Anniversary