Our Scholarship Advisory Committee

Scholarship Advisory Committee


The Scholarship Advisory Committee at the Diabetes Hope Foundation serves as the guiding force behind the organization’s commitment to supporting a successful transition for youth living with type 1 diabetes. Comprising seasoned professionals and experts in diabetes care, education, and advocacy, the committee plays a pivotal role in the transparent and equitable distribution of scholarships. By carefully reviewing applications, assessing academic achievements, and considering the impact of diabetes on applicants’ lives, the committee ensures that scholarships are awarded to deserving individuals who demonstrate resilience, academic excellence, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the diabetes community. With a shared passion for empowering those affected by diabetes to pursue their educational aspirations, the Scholarship Advisory Committee exemplifies the foundation’s dedication to fostering academic success and creating opportunities for a brighter future in the face of the challenges posed by diabetes.

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Board of Directors & Scholarship Committee Members at 25th Annual Scholarship Ceremony

Meet Our Committee Members

“As a paediatric endocrinologist, I’ve seen my patients benefit from the scholarship and from the organization and I wanted to give back in an impactful way and become involved in something that I believe affects the people that I serve in my practice.”

Dr. Angelo Simone, Chair

Paediatric Endocrinologist, Trillium Health Partners

Board of Directors, DHF Board of Directors,


Board of Directors

Peter Atkins

District Chief,
Toronto Fire Services

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Jordan Dickie

DHF Alumni
Youth Worker,
Nova Scotia Government

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Emily Gorgenyi

DHF Alumni
PhD Student,
UWO Faculty of Health

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Kristin Herriott-Rivard

DHF Alumni
Child And Youth Care Worker,
York Region District School Board

Karen Higginson, About Us

Karen Higginson

DHF Communications Director, Scholarship Sponsor

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Catherine Hotton

DHF Alumni
Administrative Assistant,
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Alanna Landry

Paediatric Diabetes
Nurse Educator,
Markham Stouffville Hospital

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Matt Pacchione

DHF Alumni
Rainbow District School Board

Barbara Pasternak, our board, DHF Board, Scholarship Committee, diabetes hope foundation board, board of directors

Barbara Pasternak

Founder & CEO
Diabetes Hope Foundation

Ravjot Samra, Committee

Ravjot Samra

DHF Alumni
DHF Program Facilitator,
Campus Clubs Lead

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Hala Shamaa

DHF Alumni
MHSc Student at Ontario Tech University

Board of Directors, Scholarship Advisory Committee

Saul Sigulim


Scholarship Advisory Committee

Jennifer Spearen

VP/GM embecta Canada

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Mark Yacoub

DHF Alumni
Experienced Senior Associate,
PwC Canada