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Our Transition Guide

Our Guide for Successful Transition to College & University was first published in 2013 featuring transition information for 34 Canadian colleges and universites across 5 provinces.  Later it was expanded include all accredited schools across the country.

Since the first edition, the guide has been expanded into a comprehensive national guide including fact sheets for 193 accredited colleges and universities across Canada. The current edition is the 7th update from the original Guide for Successful Transition to Colleges and Universities and provides a profile and review of diabetes supports across all post-secondary institutions in Canada.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the guide and we have completed comprehensive update of the guide with 8 new pages of alumni insights, new school sheet templates and the launch of a new mobile app to increase access to our guide.  This year’s guide also includes more information about mental health supports across Canada, additional information about exam accommodations and remote learning supports available across Canadian colleges and universities.

NEW Mobile App!

This year, with generous support from our community donors and sponsors, a new mobile app was developed as a companion tool to complement the content available in the print edition of our Transition Guide.  Our new mobile app features interactive alumni insights and a searchable database that will enable students to search for transition information by city, college and diabetes supports. The mobile app and guide have been developed to support transitioning teens in making informed decisions about their college/university choices and current students who have recently transitioned to post-secondary education.

Our Transition Guide


  • Portrait of diabetes support programs across all accredited Canadian colleges and universities;
  • Review of government legislation protecting the rights and benefits of students with diabetes across Canada (10 provinces);
  • Summary of the responses from the online questionnaire developed and sent out to over 500 alumni to document our own alumni’s transition experience;
  • Individual fact sheets for 193 Canadian colleges and universities;
  • NEW Mental Health and Remote Learning Information; and
  • Over 400+ tips for transition to college and university.
Guide for Successful Transition to College & University

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